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Certified Trade Information

For buyers seeking pristine boats in top condition with savings off new prices, South Shore Marine’s unique Certified Trade program offers exceptional value, convenience, and added peace of mind in the pre-owned market. One of our sales professionals can provide extensive details and documentation on each certified trade.

Program Highlights:

  • Ready for immediate inspection, survey, and sea-trial.
  • Pre-inspection of structure, all systems, components, etc.
  • All mechanical systems fully serviced and tested.
  • CLEAN & DETAILED – First Class!
  • Cosmetic Attention to detail with: gelcoat, bottom coatings, canvas, enclosures, interiors, upholstery, striping, caulking, hardware, etc.
  • Fully Serviced Systems – throughout
  • A standard 30-day/30 hour warranty at delivery with extended terms available