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Brokerage Information

For all of your Brokerage Service questions please contact our Sales Team at:

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South Shore Marine has a unique process and solid reputation for selling First Class BoatsIn today’s competitive and often commoditize market, adding value and delivering a uniquely positive buying experience is key in setting us far apart from the competition. Our selling strategy for pre-owned boats is Proactive, Systemetized, and Award Winning in our Industry.  We have raised the industry benchmark for “CLEAN” boats which clearly defined our company’s niche.

We stress Excellence in Preparation:  Most buyers today want it right, ready, and convenient… hence our “no excuses” winning strategy.  Our Pre-Survey Inspection by one of our qualified techs offers buyers peace of mind typically not found in the pre-owned market.   Our service team provides professional guidance on having your boat well-prepared for survey & sea-trial, with the attention to details… that create the Right First Impression.

We Market Aggressively:  Our broad internet exposure and cutting edge website features attractive and detailed ads with professional photography.  We invest heavily in search engine optimization services to make sure our listings are conveniently found and user-friendly.    We send monthly E-newsletters introducing all “new arrivals”, special prices, etc.   Excellent interstate highway exposure & signage for those traveling along Ohio’s South Shore Rt. 2 also drives steady traffic year-round.  VERY Strong presence at regional boat shows also generates qualified leads and action.  Finally we have a very loyal customer base, excellent word of mouth advertising, and a large database to optimize lead tracking to connect buyers and sellers.

South Shore Marine actively considers and accepts trades on brokerage transactions, offering a significant and unique competitive advantage.   Our program offers a simple, convenient, and often sole solution for the many potential buyers seeking a brokerage boat … who refuse to be a “two boat owner”.

Service Sells!  Many sales hinge on the “can-do attitude” from the dealer.  Our full-service team is ready to promptly assist in the sales process if concerns arise in a buyer’s inspection.  Additionally, we understand that sometimes a boat needs to better “fit” the buyers’ needs or interests; we’re well prepared to handle custom rigging, electronics, or upgrades to satisfy buyer’s “wish lists” and create a “match”.

We are Accessible: Our sales professionals work as a team offering sales coverage 360 days per year and often during non-business hours for the necessary flexibility so often required today to make a deal.

Character and Integrity Matter!  Our sales team’s mission starts with an attitude of serving and building relationships first. We provide honest, professional, and knowledgeable guidance to both buyers and sellers making the transaction comfortable and simple.

We’re Connected and TRUSTED Industry-wide and have a great name Online:  South Shore welcomes opportunities Co-broker with other cooperating dealers and brokers.   Other’s in the industry recognize the value in our select pre-owned boats… and call on us regularly with buyer needs.  Each year, 35%-50% of our boats sold are to out of state buyers… we make shipping any distance simple.

Our Business Office makes transactions comfortable and convenient:  We have a full time specialist in: Finance/Insurance, USCG documentation/state title(s)/registrations, plus an in house CPA/Controller … all of which creates a high level of security, convenience, and comfort in the transaction process.

Nothing beats Consistency, Strong Market Share, and a Solid Track Record:  We average 200 closings per year, while maintaining the area’s most active inventory list with a 90-95%+ closing ratio… all of which makes South Shore Marine the logical choice – where buyers and sellers connect most.